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Iran is among the very first countries that issued postage stamps. Iranian stamps immediately gained popularity among the collectors including many famous personalities such as Count Ferrari and Thomas Keay Tapling to name a few.

Due to the increasing demands by the collectors all over the world, the counterfeiters created a vast number forgeries including stamps as well as covers and postal documents.

To help weeding out these forgeries or reprints, our expertizing and certification services will help you to avoid buying dangerous fakes and forgeries and it will also help you to get the top price when you decide to sell.

Many collectors prefer to buy the Iranian stamps, covers, and documents when they are accompanied by Mehrdad Sadri signature and certificate.

Major auction houses and dealers such as David Feldman S.A., Harmers, Cherry Stone, and Spink have trusted and valued the opinion and certificates issued by Mehrdad Sadri / Persiphila, as well as many collectors all across the world. Please contact us if you may have any question.

All items are examined and certified by Mehrdad Sadri, the author of the Lions of Iran, the authoritative works on the classic Lion issues of Iran and Persiphila Standard Philatelic Catalogue (2002), the first specialized catalogue of Iran (Qajar Dynasty) as well as newly released edition of Persiphila Classic Philatelic Reference (2007) and other publications, with the list can be found in the section of Books & catalogues.

Mehrdad Sadri has been active and an avid collector of the Iranian stamps and postal history since 1960. He has also conducted number of seminars and lectures on the subject of the Iranian philately and particularly regarding the forgeries and how to distinguish them from the originals.

To view Mehrdad Sadri samples of handstamps or initials you may visit the website of the
Philatelic Experts

Photo Certificate

For your convenience & budget, we offer three types of photo certificates:

  1. Full Certificate
  2. Card Certificate
  3. Single Stamp Identification

Full Certificate: Stamps, sets, and covers or documents, which required detailed information are necessary to have full certification. (Click here to see details).

Card-Certificate: Stamps including large format stamps or blocks of four may be issued a Card-Certificate (4.5" by 3.5") with full details of such items. This is only for stamps at an economical fee much less than full certificates. (Click here to see details).

Handstamped or Initialed only: This service is for those who just do not want any of the above certificates.

To view Mehrdad Sadri samples of handstamps or initials you may visit the website of the
Philatelic Experts

How To Ship Your Items

Before shipping your items to us, please notify us by email or just contact us via our website .

Prior to shipping, place your stamps on stock cards or stock pages and make sure to scan or photocopy each card or page for your record.

Please protect your items in the package with cardboards on both sides of your stock cards and pages and it would be better to place the whole group in a plastic bag and then place it in the envelope for shipping. The plastic bag will protect your valuable items from accidental water damage during shipping.

Ship your material to our mailing address given below by registered or signature confirmation mail.

PO Box 1589
Glendora, CA 91740-1589

Fee Schedule Effective October 1st, 2017

Photo certificates:

Full Certificate:(Click here for details)
Single Stamp / Unused Postal Stationery:
3% of Valuation - Min. $40. / Max. $1,750.


Full Certificate: (Click here for details)
Complete set - 3% of Valuation - Min. $90. / Max. $1,750.


Full Certificate: (Click here to see details)
Postally used Cover / Document / Stationary
3% of Valuation - Min. $65.00 / Max. $1,750



Card-Certificate for single stamps: (Click here for details)
Please note that we no longer issue mini-certificate


Handstamped / Initialed only


Single stamp / Unused Postal Stationery

Please Note: Stamps of Ahmad Shah Qajar Small Portrait Issue of 1911-13 (without any overprint) & Coronation Issue of 1915 (without any overprint) are subjected to $1.00 Fee Per Stamp if Proven to be Reprints.

Please Note: No stamp with catalogue value less then $10.00 will be handstamped unless it is part of a set.


Complete set
Covers & Documents (genuine, handstamped or initialed)

Single Stamp Identification

(Each signed stamp is backstamped / initialed and accompanied with the Persiphila & Scott Catalogues numbers and marked as Mint or Used.)

(Click here for details)


Stamp Identification

Do you have any question about a stamp?

We will be happy to help.

This is a service that is also offered by the American Philatelic Society
(Please click here to see)

Our service is much more affordable at $0.50 per stamp
compare to $10.00 per stamp charged by APS.

All you have to do is to send the scan of your stamps (300dpi) and make the payment via PayPal.

You are welcome to benefit our services once for FREE.

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