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A Treasury of Early Iranian Photographs

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A Treasury of Early Iranian Photographs, together with a concise account of how photography was first introduced in Iran.

The photographs compiled by Iraj Afshar in a period of seven years and contains the following chapters in Farsi:

  1. How photography was introduced in Iran
  2. The Farsi term "Akka'si"
  3. Photographs replaced paintings
  4. The Photographer
  5. The importance of photography during the reign of Nasser-eddin Shah Qajar
  6. How photographers got their training
  7. Famous and forgotten photographers
  8. Qajar photo archives
  9. Research into early photography in Iran
  10. Appendix
  11. Bibliography
  12. A technical note on early photographs


The following chapter in English:

  1. Some remarks on the early history of photography in Iran
  2. Photographs including:
  3. Qajar Kings
  4. Courtiers & Administrators
  5. Comptrollers & Tax Collectors
  6. Freedom Fighters of the Constitutional Movement
  7. Scientists & Scholars
  8. Nomadic Tribes
  9. Women of Iran
  10. The Persian Life Style
  11. Merchants & Tradesmen
  12. Schools
  13. Gates & Buildings
  14. Qajar Photographers



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Published by:  Nashr-e Farhang-e Iran, Tehran
Edition: 1st, 1992
Quantity Printed: 3,500 copies
Cover: Hard Cover Deluxe Edition
Number of Pages: 416
Number of Illustrations: 518
Size: 9" x 12"
Weight: ~7.0 lb
Price: $325.00 + Shipping

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