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Persiphila - 2016 Postal Stationeries

C.1878 - 1979

Bilingual Handbook in English & Persian (Farsi)

اين کتاب به دو زبان فارسي و انگليسي نوشته شده است

Postal Stationeries

2016 Persiphila Iran Postal Stationeries Reference is an essential handbook / catalogue for collectors and dealers alike.

This handbook is covering the subject of prepaid postal stationeries of Iran from 1878 through 1979, including chapters on Postal Cards, Envelopes, Wrappers, Aerogrammes, Insurance Envelopes, International Reply Coupon, and much more.

This handbook is written in English and Persian (Farsi).

Persiphila, Iran Postal Stationeries Reference is available in full color printed edition as well as digital edition.

According to the note by judges at NAPEX 2011 Exhibition, the 2012 edition of Persiphila Iran Postal Stationeries Reference was the "FIRST COMPREHENSIVE CATALOG OF PERSIAN / IRAN POSTAL STATIONERY", while this new edition of 2016 has more detailed images with prices updated. We strongly recommend this book to the collectors of the postal stationeries.

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National Philatelic Exhibitions

of Washington, D.C., Inc.

Recipient of 2011 Vermeil Award


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